Construction, Analysis and Visualization of a Large-scale Signaling Network in Hippocampal Neuronal Mammalian Cells

Source: Ma'ayan A, Jenkins SL, Neves S, Hasseldine A, Grace E, Dubin-Thaler B, Eungdamrong NJ, Weng G, Ram PT, Rice JJ, Kershenbaum A, Stolovitzky GA, Blitzer RD, Iyengar R. Formation of regulatory patterns during signal propagation in a Mammalian cellular network. Science. 2005 Aug 12;309(5737):1078-83.
PMID: 16099987 | PMCID: PMC3032439 | EndNote Citation

Index of Nodes


Average path length to all other components: 4.29489
Clustering coefficient: 0
Grid coefficient: 0.0714286

Swiss-Prot Human Accession Code: Q02410
Swiss-Prot Mouse Accession Code: P98084

List of interactions:

Source:MUNC18Type of molecule:Vesicle Location:Vesicles
Target:MINTType of molecule:Vesicle Location:Vesicles
Type of interaction:Binding Effect:0
1. M. Okamoto, T. C. Sudhof, J. Biol. Chem. 272, 31459 (1998). PubMed ID: 9395480

Source:MINTType of molecule:Vesicle Location:Vesicles
Target:CASKType of molecule:Kinase Location:Cytosol
Type of interaction:Binding Effect:0
1. K. Tabuchi, T. Biederer, S. Butz, et al., J. Neurosci. 22, 4264 (2002). PubMed ID: 12040031